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11:44am:Alrighty! Havent updated for a while but here we go. An "official" profile of misty is in the bouncer section (replacing the old one) the old one is in the gallery o' course. And I popped on to say the next page of Ladies of Kadia will be posted by tonight! After this my comics will assuredly (spelling?) move along quicker. The new page will also have a "continuation" line tellin something about the future page (just like in real comics, my story and dialogue is already written for the next 5 er 6 pages mwaha ^^) Thas bout' it. Ja for now.


6:16pm: Another update. Check out a star wars parody I wrote after me and my bro were joking around about the "in a far away galaxy" thing.. like thier would be some guy out in a galaxy somewhere.. anyway go read it. (when the download file thing pops up just press "open")

12:35pm: ah. If you saw my Guestbook you know the site was down for a bit. But the eggheads figured out the problem i guess ^^ The only thing to really report is the third character "misty" is in the bouncers section. The next thing to do is create the story and the comic. But its unknown when that will happen since I continue to work on Kadia. Thas right, more Kadia comes out later. Ja for now!

2/26/02 11:15pm: Erf.. pathetic ne? barely got one in ^^; ah im tired fer some reason.. I did a cool comic earlier today talking with my friend Kevin, its posted in the gallery "dude wheres my donut".. ah well I go..

2/25/02 9:37pm: Here I am again, but its important! *ahem* The "possible" new girl (Kailin) has been added to Bouncers, check out.

9:00pm: This is my first update ive ever done on a website actually. I used to think they were quite corny having not much use. But I find in myself an "urge" to inform what I have done, whats new, or some useless information.. and I should prolly smak myself because I update more frequently than most people ^^;; ..anyway, getting on with it. All I can say is ive slapped the new painting in and page no.4 of Kadia.. thas it..